Parenting Pointers

Healthy Minds

In this fast paced world we now live in, it is vitally important to keep ourselves as healtSee the source imagehy as possible both inside and out.

How can you help to support your child? Maybe by: limiting time allowed on electronics, eating dinner together around a table, talking about the day, sharing a book or going for a walk. Always try to focus on the positives and never go to bed on an argument!

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Managing Behaviour

Are you struggling to manage challenging behaviour at home? Please do not feel alone.  Modelling a calm approach when a situation becomes difficult is sometimes a huge ask but can often be the most effective way of bringing things back under control. Talk to your child, don’t shout. Give clear and firm instructions. Praise positive behaviour choices.See the source image

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Safe Online

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There is a lot of talk at the moment about children being hacked whilst playing games. It is vital you are vigilant and keep a very close eye on what your children are playing and who they are talking to online. This website link has a wealth of up to date information on it for parents: