Religious Education (RE) Curriculum 2015 to 2016


The purpose of religious education (RE) in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton is to support students in developing their own coherent patterns of values and principles, and to support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  A further purpose of RE is to foster mutual understanding between students of differing religious and cultural backgrounds.


RE is, unlike all the other subjects studied at school, determined locally as opposed to nationally.  ‘Living Difference 2011’ is the agreed syllabus and therefore the legal document to be followed for the teaching of religious education in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton schools.


This Agreed Syllabus is based upon understanding and responding to the key concepts within the major religious and non-religious beliefs represented in Great Britain.  It aims to inform pupils in primary schools and students in secondary schools of how these concepts present differing understandings of human experience and ways in which religions view the purpose of life.  In response, pupils and students are encouraged to develop their own concepts to interpret their own experiences and explain the experiences of others in the wider world.


At Nursling C of E Primary School, our long term concept led curriculum has been developed over a number of years, with advice at times from one of the RE inspectors and advisors.  As you will see in the following documents, in KS1 the concepts are developed through Christianity and Judaism and in KS2 through Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.


The Agreed Syllabus is due for revision during 2016 by the Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton with a publication expected in 2017.


You can click on the hyperlinks below to view our long term planning

KS1 Long Term Planning 2015 - 16

KS2 Long Term Planning 2015 - 16