Nursling Church of England Primary School is a voluntary controlled school operating within an Instrument of Government authorised by Hampshire County Council in conjunction with a the foundation body of  Winchester Diocesan Board of Education.


The Governing Body of the school conforms to Standing Orders and each governor is required to comply with a Code of Conduct which includes declaring relevant business and pecuniary interests.

All governors (excepting the Head-teacher and the Vicar of the Parish) are appointed for a 4 year term of office which may be renewed. The four parent governors are elected by parents of children currently attending the school; the local authority governor is appointed by Hampshire County Council; the three foundation governors are appointed by the foundation body; the staff governor is elected by employed members of staff; and four co-opted governors that are appointed by the Governing Body to ensure a balance of skills, knowledge and experience is maintained.


The Governing Body for the academic year (2017/18) is:


Name Appointing Body Current term of office
Dr David Clark (Chair) Governing Body 22/09/2014 to 21/09/2018
Mrs Patricia Wootten (Vice Chair)
Governing Body 05/11/2016 to 04/11/2020
Rev Julian T Williams (ex-officio) Foundation Body 05/02/2000
Mrs Patricia Caffyn Foundation Body 18/09/2017 to 17/09/2021
Mrs Joanne Jearrad Governing Body 01/09/2017
Mr Jason Mallen Parent 23/03/2016 to 22/03/2020
Mrs Alison Edmundson Parent 06/04/2017 to 05/04/2021
Mrs Vicky Dixon Parent 01/07/2017 to 30/06/2021
Mrs Heidi Hinton Parent 01/07/2017 to 30/06/2021
Mr Ivan Proctor Local Authority 22/05/2017 to 21/05/2021
Mrs Amber Cole Staff 01/07/2017 to 30/06/2021
Mrs Lindsay Manning Clerk 14/10/2010

Currently there are no governors that have declared current business and pecuniary interests.


 The substantive Committees and membership for 2017/18 are:

 Environmental & Resource Committee: (Jason Mallen (Chair), Alison Edmundson, Jacqueline Barker, Tricia Caffyn, & Joanne Jearrad)

Standards & Performance Committee: Patricia Wootten (Chair), David Clark, Amber Cole, Vicky Dixon, Heidi Hinton, Joanne Jearrad, Ivan Proctor & Christine Slater

Foundation Committee: (Julian Williams (Chair), Patricia Wootten, Tricia Caffyn & Joanne Jearrad)

In addition to the above committees the following committees and panels convene as and when business requires:

Pay and HR Committee: (Jacqueline Barker (Chair), Ivan Proctor & Julian Williams)

Pay Appeals: (Pool of non-staff governors)

Head’s Performance Review Panel: (Patricia Wootten, Christine Slater & Trician Caffyn)

Staff Dismissals Committee: (Julian Williams & Patricia Wootten)

Staff Dismissals Appeals Committee: (Pool of non-staff governors)

Pupil Disciplinary Committee: (Pool of non-staff/parent governors)

Gov Attendance 16 17