Willow Class

Willow Welcome Letter


Dear Willow Class,
It has been a real pleasure to be your teacher since January. I have thoroughly
enjoyed being part of Willow Class during, what has turned out to be, some
extraordinary times. Although my time with you in-person turned out to be shorter

than expected, I’ve really enjoyed keeping in touch with you all over email and seeing
what you have been up to at home during the lockdown. As I leave Nursling, I would
just like to wish each and every one of you all the very best as you move into Year 3
and for all the exciting learning journeys I know you are all going to embark upon.
Remember to listen to the adults and all the wonderful advice they can give you about
your learning and to never give up if you find something difficult, just keep practising
until you start to find it easier. You are all capable of great things as long as you try
your best. Dr. Seuss says it a lot better than me so I’d thought I’d share with you one
of my favourite quotes below. Have a lovely summer and I send my very best wishes
to you and your families.

From Miss Spence.